Spring Announcement from Sasha

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Hello friends,

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful spring days as much as I am. It’s hard to be in the studio when weather is so nice. I did managed to finish some new work for my spring shows this year.

I have a small show at Duke Hospital Clinic 1D. If you have to be there for whatever reason, come cheer yourself up and see my show in the 1D clinic hallway. I will be there on Friday April 10, noon – 2, Friday April 24th and May 8th 11 – 1PM. More at http://artsandhealth.duke.edu/

I have work at FRANK member show, April 7th – June 7th. The opening is this Friday, April10th.

FRANK gallery is celebrating its 5th birthday with another Off the Wall party. It has been amazingly rewarding experience to be part of this art community ever since we first opened in 2010. FRANK is not only a fine art gallery, but also a non-profit working hard to bring happiness of creating and enjoying art to many underserved local communities. We are giving away 55 pieces of art donated by local artists at our 5th Off the Wall party. Come celebrate with us, support our efforts and win a great piece of art! To find out more go to: http://www.frankisart.com/gala2015/
To see artwork donated go to:

I hope to see you soon!
Have a great spring,

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  1. Maissa

    While I appreciate the ifotrmanion in the video, I also question posting a video with poor safety practices. Licking wads in itself may not be dangerous but the possibility for ingesting glaze material through cross contamination is too high. Mr Hitchins may not have any dangerous chemicals in his studio, but I would not show this video to anyone using my studio. Also, he talks about using a mask when cleaning his kln. What kind of mask? I know of nothing that would work with that beard except a fresh air supplied hood. Anything less and he is just fooling himself.


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