There will be No Spring show this year due to the feeling last meeting that we need a different better venue . Someone needs to research better and more extraordinary venues, costs etc, and then we’ll plan early for next spring to attend.

Membership: education and outreach, to get more people in the guild. a committee could form to research where we could have exhibits or demonstrations. Library. bank. hand builds, sculptural, bring some literature, market what we do as a group. a community of ceramic artists that support each other.

Approach past members, lost about 40 members last over the past couple of years. Used to have the member meetings at homes with really exciting presenters this would be a way to get people to come back. Peter will post current member list on website and add links to each member website. Old time original members, still pay dues in support of the Guild, but don’t attend anymore. What has changed, part the meeting location is in question, is it possible rotate locations? The Guild was popular before because of demonstrations that you would normally pay money to go see, and we’re not doing that anymore. Put out to the guild, who do you want to see? Often guild members had to travel to the studio of the demonstrating artist.  Sometimes they came to someones house. Suggestion to resurrect, this process, .

Chapel Hill Durham, members of people who went to workshops and share their experiences. First hand slides and talk. . Pottery  Christmas tour in Durham has taken some of the wind out of the need for the Guild. Explore a field trip to Hewitts? 30 to 40 people should come, there are an average of 10 to 15 people and 20 + when presenters.

What does every one think about, putting pottery out in public spaces show the work? A public place, for attracting new members. Art Gallery show? Library? Focusing on where classes are held, Claymakers, art studio in the Art Center. Is there a flyer? this would be a good thing to have.. Chapel Hill parks and rec.

Suggestion to demo chucks and techniques for using Chucks

– centerfest but

– festi-Fall has cut rate for non-profits, but we’re not a 403b.

– Durham 3rd Friday

– Festival at the Eno

Suggestion, someone throwing on the wheel, doing shows demonstrating? Guild could be having a live throwing demonstration. but who will do it? Who could make some phone calls and get some information out there? it would be a great way to advertise.  or a clay building competition at Eno to generate interest, perhaps a, who can build the “widest bowls” competition?

treasury report online


Lee Jones: – discusses Conference 28th annual NC Potters Conference.


fuku 14-peter-mark-hamann hasu


Lee showed photos and discussed her experiences at the Potters Conference.

Featuring best ceramics artist from around the world. . Fuku Fukomoto. Peter Hammen , Yoshitaka Hasu was there.  Fuku likes to finish them up, cut them, and then glaze them. Minimalistic forms reflects organic beauty, exhibited, at MOMa.

Has Yoshitaka, solid very rustic had built, starts with a block of clay, continually pinching and poking, shaping in his mind, worked for years in telecommunications, did  four year apprecntiship. later held first solo . . appears rough pitted. subtraction carving call Karluki(?) . Clay is harvested from mountains near his home. he takes from a month to years to complete a piece. works are hand build and stacked, large tray. has to do with cut away and revealing what’s under neath. described the boxes as the food preparation and the presentation of food. showed beautiful arrangements of food, wanted to embody the reference to food.

Peter Hamman, from Nebraska, worked in new Zealand and then in Japan,  Japan arts crafts association, the only american to be accepted. “the body is a clay tool” his work was more elegant, and sort of wave like, shapes very traditional looking. throws thin, almost all japanese potters use their own tools “kenna” bent tool that is very sharp. . . Talked about tea bowls and serenity,  tea ceremony has heavily influenced his work.

Peter Anderson NCECA and Status of Web site

Peter Anderson briefed the Guild on progress of the website. Intention is to continue to develop social media outlets, the member page with listing of member websites, as well as featured profiles of members with photos and biographies. Noted that we currently have over 90 followers on Twitter (@ncclayworks).  Goal is that by end of year we have hundreds of followers which will expand our marketing exponentially. He needs the Facebook login to be able to update and maintain. Showed current phase one version of site that currently features a blog on the homepage, but soon the blog will move to secondary pages, and the homepage will have an ad banner to advertise upcoming events as well as featured. Members.

Blog posts from NCECA were done using his smart phone, and he discussed how he had set that up. Also any blog post was automatically pushed as a tweet to twitter, through settings in the website.


Gustavo Perez – demonstrating artist

Quote: “A dream / idea, that is true, you try it, and clay will tell you if its a “stupid thing” if you listen, it will tell you the way. Many times your dream, like so many dreams is a crazy thing and you discover this. The drive is what is important, it is what helps you discover something new. Making the unknown is not that easy. we feel unsafe and afraid, and fear is not good. Don’t be too careful because then you will not move, risk, fail. The movement to new.. don’t stop in that passage, allow yourself to ruin it, DISCOVER!” — Gustavo Perez

Peter discussed what it feels like to attend the NCECA conference and his experiences attending various lectures. Shows a slide demonstration of various highlights from the show and passes around NCECA catalogs to show topics that were covered at the conference.

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  1. Pam Epperson

    The Triangle Potters group seems to be successful year after year. They do a group sale at Artsplosure . Maybe a group both at the Eno would be better than a Spring Sale. When we were able to set up next to Fosters on 15 501 we had high visibility. Maybe a joint booth at the Chapel Hill Farmers Market. Places that are already drawing people seem more likely to be successful.

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    Peter, you did a great job posting everything. Thanks so much.


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