Meeting Wednesday, February 14!

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Hello all!

The Feburary meeting is upon us! Sorry this info is just coming out, I took my turn at being sick.

Those at the last meeting voted it would be okay to go ahead and meet Wed. even tho it is Valentines Day.
It was also okay’ed that we Do Not have a speaker this month but instead gather in interested groups and discuss options and provide serious ideas for some topics, such as “how to best honor Pepper Fluke”, “Our On Line personna”, “How to get new members” “A clayworks Workshop-my choice”. Please bring hard ideas.
If you are nor coming, please send a suggestion to someone who is coming. Decisions will be made, be sure you are one of those ideas are yours!

Also I hope to have a write up of the jobs that will come open for the next year. It will give you a chance to look over the actual responsibilities and hopefully the current members will be there to answer any questions you may think of or you can just think about it. We need members to pitch in and take a turn to keep the guild moving.

To honor the Valentines Day theme we are asking you to bring a pot of yours that you “LOVE” and we will take a minute to talk about. We prefer it is yours but if you have one that belongs to your favorite potter that is okay too.

One last note-Deb Harris, using a computer random system chose two winners to attend the Randolph Potters Conference in March, The winners will present about this conference for the April meeting as part of the agreement for entering. Those that did not win can go ahead and get your tickets!
The winners are: Dede Richardson and Lynne Griffen!! Congratulations!!!

Members please come! Next month we will have a speaker, to be announced!
Lee Jones-Co

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