Scholarships Available to the NC Potter’s Conference!

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Dear members of the ClayWorks Guild,

Many years ago, a scholarship was set up to send one (or recently two) guild members to the NC Potter’s Conference in Asheboro, NC. The next conference will be March 3-5, 2017. Soon it is time to think about registering! 

History of this generosity:

Jan Gregg and Pepper Fluke and Dorothy Davis were instrumental in the earliest formation of the ClayWorks Guild. Dorothy Davis and her husband Morris, traveled far and wide for pottery workshops.  The NC Potters Conference is an annual event and the Davis’ would go every year until health issues slowed them down. To honor Dorothy’s commitment and generosity to the area potters, a scholarship was set up in her name to pay the registration fee for a member from the ClayWorks Guild to the conference.

How to enter the lottery for this scholarship:

If you are a member of the guild and you would like to apply for the scholarship to attend the NC Potter’s conference, you simply need to contact guild member, Deborah Harris. The deadline for requesting a scholarship is December 1, 2016. Please email Deborah Harris ( or call her. She will use a randomizing computer program to select 2 lucky winners. 


Deadline to enter the lottery:

December 1, 2016


The expectations if you win a scholarship:

If you are a lucky winner, the Guild expects you to provide the program for the April 2017 Guild Meeting. You can share what you have learned and photos of the workshops and other events you attended. If there are two winners, this is a fun collaborative presentation. 

Notification of winners: 

The winners will be announced at the holiday potluck dinner on December 14, 2016. If you are not at the holiday potluck, we will send you an email.

For more information:  

Registration for the conference is open on Monday, November 14 (which is earlier than usual). 

NC Potters Conference Facebook Page: North Carolina Potters Conference

Randolph County Website:


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